Automated Object Removal Plugin
for Adobe® After Effects® CC


The future of object removal

As soon as it is released, fayOUT will offer a widely automated approach to remove unwanted objects in videos. Our improved camera-tracking process (already known from fayIN®) enables users to automatically trace and remove objects in videos – including the detection of all camera-settings as well as content fill, all by itself. fayOUT’s patented technology ensures a strong frame-to-frame coherence avoiding pixel errors and artifacts – and puts object removal onto an unprecedented new level.

How it's done?

Easier than you've ever imagined.

With fayOUT, we break object removal down into just a couple of steps – and we’re working on facilitating the process even more. This is how fayOUT works (as of spring 2017):

1. Select

Select the unwanted object in one scene.

2. Track

Start the automatic tracking process.

2. Remove

Start the automatic removal process.

2. Done

The object has been removed.

Our Promise to You

We don’t make empty promises. We work hard to release fayOUT as soon as possible. But we also want to provide you with the highest usability possible and with new features that definitely raise the standard.

We keep you posted about the progress.

Become a Technology Pioneer.

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We love to share the current status of fayOUT with you. Convince yourself of the revolutionary power of object removal. Explore fayOUT’s capabilities in the quick sample video below and imagine what’s possible moreover…


... and this is, what fayOUT may look like, when it's released:


Automagical Features

fayOUT will be available as fully integrated plugin for Adobe® After Effects® CC including following features (as of spring 2017):

  • Patented state-of-the-art technologies
  • Automated camera tracking, object removal and content fill
  • Easy selection of the target object
  • Process speed of about 1 fps
  • Automatic detection of camera settings
  • Strong frame-to-frame coherence
  • Avoidance of pixel errors and artifacts

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