fayIN is more than just screen replacements.
Although this is one of its specialties




Integrate amazing VFX in your videos – quickly and easily in After Effects CC. Create impressive HUDs like seen on Iron Man or the The Avengers movies, or futuristic displays like on The Extant. By integrating text, you can build a mystic world with living newspapers like the Daily Prophet from Harry Potter. fayIN Gold enables you now to also add stunning 3D models to your clips.

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Basic Replacements with fayIN for After Effects CC


We show you various examples for replacements that you can easily create with fayIN. Replace an unwanted content on a screen or exchange multiple billboards within your video sequence. Easily integrate pictures, futuristic VR displays or videos.

With fayIN, you can integrate any Adobe compatible file formats. It’s the perfect way to fix your footage in post!

Text Integration with fayIN for After Effects CC


With fayIN, you have several possibilities to easily integrate text in your video content: from a classic text integrations to complex animations. Replace boring lower thirds by varied insertion of names, or add a slogan with realistic shadows to your footage. Let us inspire you!

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Advanced Integration with fayIN for After Effects CC


We give you some inspiration on how to get the best out of your videos by using awesome effects – and how to completely run free! Here is a variety of examples of advanced inserts done with fayIN, like a virtual-reality room, a futuristic city navigation or a video projection on an exterior wall. The sky’s the limit! And this is just a small sample…

Do you want to learn how we created the virtual room in the video? Watch the tutorial!


What about your ideas?

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You can’t believe that you can apply these effects easily and quickly all by yourself? Then check out the video and experience the ease and speed of fayIN!

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