3D matchmoving plugin for After Effects® CC.

fayIN Gold combines automated camera tracking and easy digital content integration in one nifty tool. For you.






Merging Live-Action and 3D Art.

Easily integrate 3D objects in your live-action footage. The powerful tracking workflow in fayIN Gold enables you to easily export the tracking data and connect with your favorite 3D software like Maxon's Cinema 4D and Video Copilot's Element 3D.


How it's done:

  1. Load your original footage into After Effects CC and apply the fayIN Gold effect.
  2. Simply mask your target area in one frame and start the tracker.
  3. Use fayIN's export feature to create Cinema 4D ready layers and a camera with your tracking data.
  4. Apply the established After Effects workflow to import your 3D object via the integrated Maxon Cinema 4D exporter.

  5. Try it now

Matchmoving, simple as that.

Unleash your creativity.

Save time during the matchmoving process and concentrate on what you love. Focus on your insert and the final outcome.

Save time.

fayIN speeds up your matchmoving workflow. Easily mask your target area and start the automated tracking process. You can even keep working in After Effects while the tracker is still running.

Integrate 3D objects.

Export your fayIN tracking data to integrate 3D objects from your favorite 3D modelling software like Blender or Maxon's Cinema 4D. fayIN can also be combined with Video Copilot's Element 3D!

Insert any file format.

fayIN supports all file formats that are also Adobe compatible. Insert any composition from your After Effects CC project or any image or video file from your computer. You can even import a Photoshop or Illustrator file. Changes will be displayed instantly in your insert.

Adjust inserts instantly.

fayIN enables easy adjustment of your inserts. Instantly reposition or exchange your artwork after it has been integrated – or even import multiple inserts for each camera track. All with just a few clicks.

Be faster.

Save time on your tracking process and achieve breathtaking results quicker with fayIN. These features streamline your camera tracking and matchmoving workflow.

Be smarter.

Benefit from the simplification and acceleration of 2D and 3D content integration in videos. Don't leave your Creative Cloud workflow. Optimize it. These users already did with fayIN Gold.

"fayIN's results continue to amaze me even when I'm using it on weird and strange surfaces [...]. It continues to deliver accurate results with an easy workflow that takes the pain from tracking and make my work fun and easy."

Eran Stern
(Motion Graphics Artist)

„I’m amazed by the speed and quality of the results! I’ve never thought that motion tracking can be that easy! I love using it to save time and boost my everyday work!”

Stefan Weiss
(Adobe Certified Instructor, Editor, Trainer)

"It’s extremely convenient that fayIN is fully integrated in After Effects. Thus, I can use all features of the plugin for tracking and inserting digital content without the need to switch between different software environments."

Nico Hirsch

"fayteq makes matchmoving so easy, even for Premiere Pro editors and After Effects beginners. I was able to track text to the side of buildings for an opening credit sequence in just seconds using the fayIN Plugin. An incredible and must-have tool for Adobe editors."

Premiere Gal
(Motion Graphics Artist, Youtuber)

Simply be better.

Achieve awesome tracking results easier and quicker with fayIN. Start with the trial version now!

Best for: 3D artists who need to integrate 3D models in videos.

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License Variants:

  • Single Use (All fayIN licenses include use on one computer)

  • fayIN monthly term licenses automatically end after the respective period of 12 months. You are not purchasing a subscription.

fayIN Gold Academic License

We offer fayIN Gold for only €29.00 (about $32.00) to all of you who learn or teach. Students benefit from a free extension of their license throughout their education.

Get your academic license now!

Academic Pricing

Version & Requirements

Latest Version:
2.4.1 (Change Log)


Adobe After Effects CC or higher
(To guarantee the best performance of fayIN, please ensure that you have installed the latest updates from Adobe for your After Effects version.)

Windows 7 (or higher)

Mac OSX 10.10 (or higher)