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fayIN Free

You love to add stunning effects to your videos – just for your private videos? Then get fayIN Free and benefit from its high usability, full automation and tracking speed.

Features: fayIN Free provides you with all basic features that are necessary for an easy matchmoving workflow. You can add pictures, text or even videos to your clip with just a few clicks. Quickly adjust your insert with the corner correction, or use any After Effects CC effect to blend your inserts in.

Best for: video enthusiasts and hobbyists with non-commercial concerns





fayIN Silver

You’re looking for a matchmoving tool that vastly speeds up and facilitates your workflow? Then let’s say hi to fayIN! fayIN's hybrid camera tracker is the best tracking solution in the market. It's not only extremely fast but also extremely precise.

Features: fayIN Silver provides you with the full range of functions and features a matchmoving plugin must have. You can authentically add 2D footage to static or dynamic objects within only a few minutes. Modify your insert and plane afterwards with fayIN’s adjustment tools (base plane, virtual plane, corner correction) and apply your After Effects CC effects.

Best for: Video all-rounders and post-production professionals with commercial concerns, who want to save time and money.



fayIN Gold

Hello 3D Artist. This is for you!
The long wished-for Gold feature is implemented: With fayIN Gold you can now export your camera and tracking data. This paves the way to easily integrate your 3D footage in your video!

Features: With fayIN Gold, you have access to all fayIN functions and features – time-savings and workflow facilitations included. Plus: easily export your tracking data to create native 3D camera and 3D object layers. Benefit from staying in After Effects CC and using the 3D workflow you are already familiar with.


Best for: 3D and motion graphics artists who are looking for the most precise and easiest tracking solution.






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