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Rectangle Region Tracker

Duration: 4:51 min

fayIN provides editors with two methods for masking the tracking area:

  • Rectangle Region Tracker
  • Mask Region Tracker

Use the Rectangle Region Tracker to trace rectangular-shaped objects in a scene. This method supports fayIN for calculating the perspective. In case your footage contains e. g. a window or a display, simply apply the Rectangle Region Tracker.

Mask Region Tracker

Duration: 3:57 min

Sometimes footage does not contain rectangluar shapes (like windows or screens) that can be easily traced with the Rectangle Region Tracker.

Thus, fayIN additionally provides the Mask Region Tracker, a freeform mask brush. Basic Tutorial 2 shows an introduction in using this method for rather organic target areas. For another practical example, please also watch Tutorial 5.

Adjustments of insert and tracking plane

Duration: 9:02 min

In this tutorial, we show you the difference between the tracking plane and your insert. We also explain, how you can modify each of them with the several smart tools fayIN offers. You also learn the difference between the background layer and the insert layer.

Tracking Dynamic Objects

Duration: 1:41 min

fayIN provides you not only with the possibility to track static objects, but also dynamic ones like driving cars!

You can track moving target areas with utmost precision – as quick and easy as static objects. Simply select the option for dynamic area or objects, track the object with the Rectangle or Mask Region Tracker (depending on its shape), integrate new content – done!

Base Plane and Virtual Plane

Duration: 4:08 min

Besides its high degree of automation, fayIN provides several clever tools for manual adjustments.

Use the Corner Correction for marginal corrections of the insert or switch from Base Plane to Virtual Plane in order to draw an all new perspective plane for placing the new content – without the need to start tracking all over again.

Virtual Plane and Depth Adjustment

Duration: 7:44 min

Tracking a white wall with no recognizable markers is a huge challenge for every tracker. It often leads to inaccuracies in depth. Different from traditional tracking tools, fayIN comes with a Virtual Plane mode that enables easy and quick adjustments.

Basic Tutorial 6 explains a simple way to move plane and insert to the right depth position in case depth information cannot be calculated correctly from a scene.

Corner Correction

Duration: 5:50 min

In some cases, the insert does not seem to have a proper perspective and appear to be distorted, although the tracking plane is anchored correctly to the desired position.

fayIN comes with a handy tool to help with such issues. With the Corner Correction, you can easily adjust and animate each corner of the insert on a keyframe base. We show you how to use it.

Text Integration in After Effects® CC

Duration: 9:02 min

You’d like to insert some cool text effects in your video? No problem at all!

We show you several ways to easily integrate text in your video, using fayIN. The time is now to replace boring lower-thirds and start using more realistic and exciting text insertions.

Read Tutorial

How to Handle Occlusion

Duration: 7:15 min

Perfect footage with no difficulties in it is extremely rare. So, let's take this as a challange!

A classic case: You want to track a specific area but suddenly, there's something in your sight. Don't worry. In this tutorial, we show you how to easily handle occlusion in your videos with fayIN for After Effects® CC.

Easy Matchmoving with fayIN for After Effects CC

Duration: 10:14 min

For all editors who prefer working with Adobe Premiere (and have barely worked with After Effects CC before): This tutorial is for you!

We show you how you can easily have proper tracking results shown up directly in your Adobe Premiere project. Learn how to integrate fayIN for Adobe After Effects CC in your usual Premiere workflow and start integrating cool effects all by yourself!

Create a Virtual Room with Holograms with fayIN for After Effects CC

Duration: 08:14 min

We show you how we edited the inspirational use-case video for "Advanced Inserts" with fayIN.

Frist, we create an animation in After Effects CC. Then, we use fayIN with its basic work steps for tracking a static object. Afterwards, we easily integrate the animation in the scene using fayIN.

You experience how to quickly and uncomplicatedly build inspiring effects for your clips.

How to Add Multiple Tracks & Inserts to your Video Clip with fayIN for After Effects CC

Duration: 05:07 min

In this tutorial, you learn how to add multiple tracks simultaneously and in one single sequence to your video. Even though one track is already running, you can continue to work in After Effects and add as many tracks as you want. Each track can be equipped with multiple inserts, as well. You can reposition and modify them as you like.

How to insert 3D Objects into your Video with fayIN Gold for After Effects CC and Cinema 4D Lite

Duration: 03:54 min

In this short tutorial you see how you easily insert 3D Objects with our plugin fayIN for After Effects CC and Cinema4D Lite.

How to use fayIN Gold and its features

Duration: 07:47 min

In this tutorial, we show you how you can easily integrate 3D objects into your video. With fayIN Gold you have multiple ways to work with your tracking data. Export the data to create a Corner Pin or a CC Power Pin to get a real 3D layer in your Adobe After Effects CC. No need to switch your workflow.

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