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Save Time & Money!

fayIN is camera tracking and digital content integration combined in one plugin. Benefit from its new easy-to-use workflow inside After Effects. There is no need to import & export between different software environments anymore. fayIN reduces your production costs through high quality tracking results and a new and fast tracking and content-integration workflow.

The ease of matchmoving

Concentrate on the creation of the inserted content instead of adjusting & manually processing tracking planes or null objects.

1. Add track

Simply mask your target area anywhere in the scene.

2. Hit start

Start the automated fast camera-tracking process.

3. Select insert

Select and import a 2D insert from your computer or current After Effects project.

4. That's it

Your insert has been integrated.



Camera Tracking

  • full integration in After Effects
  • innovative hybrid planar and 2D/3D tracker
  • intuitive selection of target area
  • fully automatic detection of the best settings
  • no keyframing necessary


Content Integration

  • easy integration and exchange of inserts for each track
  • easy workflow, even for non-professionals
  • easy adjustment of track and inserted objects
  • all After Effects effects applyable to insert layer
  • insertion of any Adobe compatible file format
  • fully flexible positioning of insert within the scene

New Features in fayIN 2.3

  • User Modes: Switch easily between "Beginner Mode" with step-by-step instructions and "Expert Mode" for advanced functionality.
  • One-Click Text Inserts: Create text layer sub-compositions as inserts for your tracks with just one click of the mouse in the context menu.
  • and this is just the beginning...

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"I wish I had fayIN a year ago when I found myself on a VFX project with countless tracking shots and 3D/2D integration.  Now that I have fayIN, I won’t have to give up on shot ideas that were previously too time consuming to track."


Alex Fournier (Filmmaker, VFX Artist)

„I’m amazed by the speed and quality of the results! I’ve never thought that motion tracking can be that easy! I love using it to save time and boost my everyday work!”


Stefan Weiß (Editor, Trainer & Postproduction Specialist)

"It’s extremely convenient that fayIN is fully integrated in After Effects. Thus, I can use all features of the plugin for tracking and inserting digital content without the need to switch between different software environments."


Nico Hirsch (Filmmaker)

"I am impressed by fayIN’s distinctive tracking process. Its speed allows more time for creative works in my daily routine in marketing."


Tobias Vogel (Media Producer, Yoxxy GmbH)

"fayIN is perfect for easily inserting elements in videos, e.g. for occluding unwanted objects. Within 5 minutes it’s done without any effort and it looks authentic. The editing isn’t apparent to the viewer at all."


Michael Schöpf (Video Generalist, R5 Region Five Media GmbH)

"fayIN is a real powerful tool that fits in seamlessly in our production workflow. It's fast as lightning, very accurate and intuitive to use. In our opinion this is definitely a five star tool and we strongly recommend it for every professional editor."


Wolfram Wagner (CEO, Pictures in Motion GmbH)

"Working with fayIN means saving time and effort. That means more space for creativity. Perfect for every (prospective) editor!"


Michelle Timmermans (Student)


Start using fayIN now! Check out the tutorials to further facilitate your first steps with the plugin.
Learn the basics, tips and tricks and see how matchmoving can be done in a minimum of time by using fayIN.




Rectangle Region Tracker

Duration: 4:51 min

fayIN provides the editor with two options for masking the tracking area:

  • Rectangle Region Tracker
  • Mask Region Tracker

Use the Rectangle Region Tracker to trace rectangular-shaped objects in perspective within a scene. Thus, if the tracked footage containes a door or window, for example, we recommend to apply the Rectangle Region Tracker.


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fayIN is more than just screen replacements.
See, which awesome effects can be achieved with the plugin.







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