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fayIN is available in three editions: fayIN Free, Silver and Gold. Find your perfect matchmoving partner.

fayIN Free

Best for:
occasional users

Use Cases:
basic screen-replacements, basic call-outs, 2D inserts on static surfaces, Full HD footage

easy matchmoving tool for basic needs

free perpetual license

fayIN Silver

Best for:
video editors & producers, compositors, 2D artists

Use Cases:
dynamic object tracking, perspective call-outs and screen-replacements on mobile devices, HUDs, holo displays, 4K footage

superfast matchmoving allrounder with advanced features and further adjustment tools

12-months for only €84.00,
perpetual for €149.00

fayIN Gold

Best for:
3D artists, motion graphics designers

Use Cases:
unlimited possibilities like integration of all 3D models and vfx, also from 3rd party programs and scripting, 4K footage

advanced matchmoving with fayIN exporter of tracking data for maximum of flexibility

12-months for only €155.00,
perpetual for €299.00,
academic licenses for €29.00

What our Users say.

"fayIN's results continue to amaze me even when I'm using it on weird and strange surfaces [...]. It continues to deliver accurate results with an easy workflow that takes the pain from tracking and make my work fun and easy."

Eran Stern
(Motion Graphics Artist)

"fayteq makes matchmoving so easy, even for Premiere Pro editors and After Effects beginners. I was able to track text to the side of buildings for an opening credit sequence in just seconds using the fayIN Plugin. An incredible and must-have tool for Adobe editors."

Premiere Gal
(Motion Graphics Artist, Youtuber)

User project by Nik Hill

Nik talks about his work experience in general and about his latest project made with Adobe® After Effects® CC, Cinema 4D and fayIN in particular: How it’s approached, what was surprisingly good or difficult.

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Support & Training

We're happy to help.

We want to make you happy. To facilitate your work with fayIN even more, we’ve prepared helpful tutorials, inspiring how to videos and stunning show cases. You can also find more helpful information and material at our support page. If you want personal assistance, please contact us at support@fayteq.com. We’re happy to help you out.

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